China Talks

In the OBIETTIVO CINA talk, my colleague Daisy Xu, a partner at ChannelMarketing in Shanghai, and I share strategies and advice that may be of interest to an SME looking to do business in China.


Starting from October 1, 2021, on a bi-weekly basis, we publish our discussions in video format on the ChannelMarketing website and YouTube, as well as in podcast format on major platforms.


If you have questions or want to suggest a topic of interest, feel free to write to me at


Listen to the OBIETTIVO CINA talk podcast on:

Episode 1:

Opportunities in China in the post-COVID era

Episode 4:

How to manage and defend Intellectual Property

Episode 2:

Are you ready for China?

Episode 5:

China market analysis

Episode 3:

What you should know before entering in China

Episode 6:

Opening a Representative Office

Episode 7:

Establishing a Joint Venture in China