Export Advice

Export Advice is a 10-session online program designed for entrepreneurs and SME managers seeking to acquire strategies and operational tools for managing the internationalization process of their company.


It is not an online course but consists of individual or small group web calls for people from the same company.


During the web calls, we will develop activities and tools to:

  • Choose countries for your internationalization strategy
  • Define end-user segments for your products
  • Craft value propositions for different segments
  • Analyze competitors
  • Define positioning and competitive strategy
  • Map distribution channels
  • Seek distributors and customers in new markets
  • Develop sales with OEM and Key Accounts
  • Develop the strategic plan in the medium and short term
  • Define the operational action plan with the corresponding budget

At the end of the Export Advice program, you will have clearly defined your company's internationalization strategy and gained all the tools to implement it.


Additionally, each web call will be recorded so you can review it whenever you want!

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