Internationalizing has become the mantra for companies looking to grow, not only for large enterprises but also for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).


However, many SMEs approach internationalization in a disorganized manner, lacking a method and the appropriate tools to successfully enter foreign markets. This puts them at risk of making fatal mistakes or entrusting themselves to the wrong partners.


What is needed is an operational method that guides SMEs step by step in the internationalization process and provides essential models for developing a strategy and the operational tools to implement it.


Such a method now exists, born out of over 30 years of experience in dozens of countries worldwide: it's called GOABROAD©.

My name is Pierantonio Gallu, and I am a consultant, author, and lecturer specializing in marketing and internationalization strategies.

After a long managerial career, in 2015, I founded ChannelMarketing, a consulting firm that supports the internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) using a proprietary method called GOABROAD©.

In addition to our headquarters in Italy, in Verona, I operate with a network of local collaborators in China, India, and the United Arab Emirates, helping Italian companies enter and grow in two of the world's largest markets.

I am the author of three books: "GOABROAD. A story and a method of business internationalization," "TARGET CHINA. The guide to entering, doing business, and growing in the world's largest market," and "Export Advice. 52 strategies, tips, and tools for internationalizing your company."

Available in Italian:

ChannelMarketing is a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China and is registered in the Supplier Catalog of Innoveneto to provide consultancy services within projects financed by the Veneto Region.



If you want to equip yourself with methods and concrete tools to expand into international markets, ChannelMarketing offers three different workshops tailored to companies:


GOABROAD: to guide you through every phase of the process of discovering and developing new markets.


TARGET CHINA: if you want to enter and successfully do business in China.


GROW THE NET: for the development of distribution networks in international markets.


Each workshop is based on ChannelMarketing's proprietary methodologies but then customized to meet the specific needs of each company in terms of products, markets, and delivery timelines.

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