Assess your Company organization

Asses your Company organization

Evaluate how well-equipped your company is to face foreign markets!


The first step for a company that wants to start exporting or improve its performance is to assess whether its organizational structure can support this strategy.


To do this, ChannelMarketing proposes EXPORT CHECK-UP, a methodology that helps understand how ready the company is for export and identifies any weaknesses that need correction.


Export Check-Up assesses the organization of the company from 6 perspectives:

  1. Size and served markets
  2. Commitment and management competencies
  3. Characteristics of products and services
  4. Marketing capacity
  5. Human resources
  6. Financial resources and competencies


In this preliminary phase of the internationalization project, it will also be important to define two fundamental but often overlooked elements: the Business Model of the company and its Value Propositions.