Build market knowledge

Build market knowledge

Knowledge of individual markets begins with mapping the Market, which helps understand all the nodes through which the product passes to reach end users.


The Market Map will help us decide which indicators are useful to assess how interesting a foreign country may be for your business.


Based on these indicators, two types of reports are developed:

GLOBAL MARKET OUTLOOK is a database structured according to your company's specific needs, highlighting globally:

  • Key Economic-Demographic Indicators
  • Most important Sector-specific Indicators
  • Indicators of the company's specific market
  • Company performance in terms of sales and market share

COUNTRY OUTLOOK is a concise yet comprehensive report that provides for countries of your interest:

  • In-depth market analysis (volumes, trends, operators, competitors, channels, users)
  • Available information sources and databases
  • Competitive situation
  • Recommendations for entering that market